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Sign this petition to support Sensory Integration

Friday, May 29, 2015

For those of you who know how invaluable sensory integration is as a therapy - you may not know that the College of Occupational Therapy has recently made a statement about the use of SI and made negative comments that are desperately unhelpful to children and families (and therapists!!) who use and promote the use of sensory integration work for children.

This petition is aiming to get the College to withdraw this statement. The Statement was made public with no liaison to the Sensory Integration Network UK and Ireland, or to the large Specialist interest group that is part of the College. A highhanded , and I suspect, politically based move to try to reduce costs for Local Authorities who are being made to provide this treatment via SENDIST tribunals.

Please PLEASE sign and share this if sensory integration has touched you or your family. We need help with this! Thank you.


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