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Picture of Start Write Stay Right for 9-12 Year Olds

Start Write Stay Right for 9-12 Year Olds

Designed to accompany the Start Write Stay Right Programme with worksheets and age appropriate activities for older pupils who need to revisit handwriting in order to improve their school performance.
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New for 2009 to accompany our Start Write Stay Right, NASEN award winning book.  This worksheet programme  for older pupils 9 years and over (no teddies or butterflies here!) provides quality photocopiable worksheets to address  handwriting difficulties encountered by older pupils – how to improve fluidity and automaticity of writing, planning, organization and sequencing of pencil movement, letter and word discrimination and letter sizing and spacing. Worksheets on capital letters, recognizing letters in unfamiliar fonts and even form filling all included.

A must have book for those working with older pupils. Particularly recommended for pupils who have Asperger’s Syndrome who commonly have difficulties with handwriting and who need motivating activities to improve their handwriting skills, unlocking their ability to record their thoughts effectively.

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