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Picture of Matilda has Touch Sensitivity

Matilda has Touch Sensitivity

One of our award winning collection of Stories for Special Children. This book tells the story of Matilda's day as she copes with her oversensitivity to tactile input. The second half of the book is dedicated to providing advice and practical strategies.
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One of our award winning series "Stories for Special Children. This book is divided into two parts: the first half is Matilda's story - about her day and describing her sensitivity to various forms of tactile input. She finds it hard to cope with day to day tasks such as having her hair brushed or painting at school. Children who have touch processing issues have wide and diverse responses and the story aims to offer a very general picture of a child who experiences tactile over-responsiveness. Many children in this situation do not know of others who experience the same, and this book aims to reassure and explain that they are not alone.

The second half of the book is for the adults who support these children, and contains valuable information and suggested methods of supporting these children, helping them to reduce their anxiety an enabling them to meet their potential.

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