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Picture of Start Write Stay Right for 5 to 8 Year Olds Book 2

Start Write Stay Right for 5 to 8 Year Olds Book 2

A second workbook published January 2011 to accompany the Start Write Stay Right Programme with worksheets and age appropriate activities for 5-8 year old who require further opportunity to develop handwriting skills in a developmentally appropriate way.
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A second book of worksheets by Alison Harris and Janet Taylor, designed to accompany "Start Write, Stay Right", winner of the nasen Teacher Book Award 2008 and to follow on from using the first workbook for pupils aged 5-8 years.

The earlier workbook concentrates on developing eye hand coordination, pencil control and letter sizing and spacing. This workbook moves up a level and builds on previous skills. Therefore, it can be used after the first workbook or as a stand alone programme for those who are working at a more advanced level and have already grasped the basics.

As with all the Start Write Stay Right workbooks, you can work systematically through the whole book, or use it to dip in and out of to improve individual pupil's skills.

Contents include:

  • Finger warm-ups
  • Early eye-hand and accuracy tasks
  • Graded tracking and pencil control
  • Planning and organising pencil movement
  • Copying, drawing and sequencing tasks
  • Common letter reversals
  • Capital letters and full stops
  • Letter size and spacing
A4 Paperback 62 pages

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Kids love doing these sheets!
As an OT I am always looking for good resources that I can use with the children I meet which both keeps their interest and increases their motivation to work on their handwriting skills -the worksheets from these series do both!
Kids often ask to repeat a sheet they have really enjoyed and are even keen to do a couple of sheets between sessions because it's fun and achievable!  Book 2 has just arrived and is great as book 1!

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