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Picture of Social Situation Stories

Social Situation Stories

Many professionals use this technique to demonstrate appropriate social behaviour. This book contains 50 examples of typical UK school situations and illustrates how to develop your own social stories for individual children.
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A collection of 48 social stories for teaching social and life skills to children with Autism and related disabilities. These lively stories will engage children and help them learn basic skills as well as making them feel more comfortable in dealing with and reacting to social cues. Examples of stories included are: being teased, understanding when a child does not want to play, other people’s birthdays, making choices, appropriate touch and learning to wait. The sample stories are there to support you in understanding how to introduce a subject, but it is then up to YOU to personalise stories for the child that you are working with. Clear instructions are given in the introduction. The aim of using Social Situation Stories is to provide a positive and supportive structure on how to behave. All these stories are based on typical situations found in UK schools including Circle Time and Assemblies. 50 pages A4

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Social Situation Stories
Brilliant book. This book is clear and easy to read. Packed full of useful information. The beginning of the book talks about how to use social stories to develop social understanding, making social stories personal and appropriate followed by a description how to use the stories in this book.  Throughout the book there are little boxes offering advise relating to the stories.

This book is a useful tool, as I have spent many an hour sat with a pen and paper not knowing where to start, what wording to use or how much to write.
The author clearly understands the difficulties children with autistic spectrum disorders', face day to day and us as parents writing social stories.

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