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Picture of Intelli-Moves


A core stability programme to improve basic motor skills in children aged 5-11. Work in a small group or one to one – this book illustrates clearly what targets to work towards and how to achieve your goals.
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A theoretically based core stability programme for all children age 5-11. A practical, easy to follow book to help you set up a core stability group in your school or with your child at home. Learn how to spot low muscle tone and how you can help.

Improving these physical skills impacts on general skills at school – from being more coordinated to improving handwriting and scissor skills. Regular short periods of focused practice WILL bring visible dividends. Chapters include: Improving Stability, Improving Muscle Strength, Coordination and Bilateral Integration Activities and Ball Skills. Includes a six week programme. Clearly illustrated with photographs throughout. 60 pages A4.

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Very useful
This book is a practical guide for exercises to help a child develop their strength, stamina and coordination. It is very easy to follow and the exercises are clearly explained. Many exercises are illustrated by photographs showing exactly what the child should do.
This is a good resource for schools and parents and can provide some extra ideas for therapists.

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